COVERLINE - Sprinkler Irrigation (Total Aerial Coverage)


Types of available couplings - COVERLINE® System

The COVERLINE® System is a sprinkler irrigation system combining high density polyethylene pipes with aluminium couplings, which are available in Ø50, Ø63 and Ø75 with different types of couplings.

The patented system COVERLINE® for sprinkler irrigation developed by SALEPLAS, S.L. combines high density polyethylene pipes with aluminium couplings in order to obtain a total aerial coverage irrigation system that guarantees a highly homogeneous watering. The pipes are manufactured in a chemical resistant and shockproof material, which results in a longer service life of the installation

The COVERLINE® System consists of PE-80 polyethylene pipes with a nominal pressure of 6 bar in Ø50, Ø63 and Ø75 mm. The connections can be made with three different kinds of couplings: hook, half turn or lever. The system is complemented by a great variety of accessories to adapt to any type of installation design.



  • Easy handling thanks to the quick coupling and low weight.
  • The pipes are flexible, which allows an easy assembly, great resistance to impacts and farm working without risk of damaging the pipes.
  • The watering can be adapted according to the irrigation time of each sector.
  • The couplings are compatible with most of the system available in the market.
  • It can be adapted to crop rotation and rescue irrigation.
  • It facilitates the growing of the plants in crusted soils.
  • It allows an efficient removal of salts.


  • Cereal
  • Onion
  • Horticultural crops
  • Beetroot
  • Cotton
  • Potato
  • Tobacco 


  • It can be adapted to big plots as well as small or irregular ones.
  • We get a better uniformity coefficient (UC) using two nozzles instead of one. For that reason, we recommend installing sprinklers with 2 nozzles in order to obtain a homogeneous watering.
  • Due to the extra cost and increasing production of small drops, the working pressures higher that 4 bar should be avoided.
  • The systems should be designed for small rainfall (6-8 mm/h) in order to avoid waterlogging of the soil. In this case, the irrigation time must be increased.
  • A proper maintenance of all the elements of the installation should be made (obstructed or broken sprinklers, pressure control, filtration systems, etc.)
  • The sprinkler lines should be installed permanently or only for the season. They can be moved to other plots according to the planned crop rotation.
  • The sprinkler lines must be oriented according to the crop rows in order to facilitate the farming work.
  • We must avoid installing sprinkler lines on an up gradient.
  • The difference of pressure of the sprinkler lines must be kept 20% below of the average pressure.
  • Pressure regulators may be needed for the lines installed on irregular topography.
  • Maximum number of sprinkler in Ø50 sprinkler line: 11 sprinklers between 1.000-1.200 l/h.
  • Maximum number of sprinkler in Ø63 sprinkler line: 20 sprinklers between 1.000-1.200 l/h.
  • It is not advisable to work when the winds blows hard, as the water is not distributed properly and does not reach the ground.

For further information about the product and available models, you can consult our Catalogue, o contact our Sales Department by the usual means.

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