Irrigation and agriculture

Pipes for Submersible Pumps

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The pipes are manufactured in high density polyethylene (PE-100) with a nominal pressure of 16 AT. 

Main characteristics:

  • Rigid construction in high density polyethylene with stainless steel reinforcements in the flanged connections and O-rings, in order to offer a better fixing and a perfect watertightness.
  • Resistance to rust, internal abrasion and corrosion. Especially suitable for wells containing acid or alkaline waters, or with a large saltpetre content.
  • The low coefficient of friction or polyethylene provides a smooth surface so that the pressure losses due to friction are almost negligible.
  • High resistance to impacts (water hammer effect).
  • Possibility of supplying special pieces in HDPE up to Ø1000 mm, design from previous drawings or samples.

Saleplas is a company devoted to the manufacture of polyethylene elements for the conduction of fluids.

Among those products, it is worth mentioning the Pressure Pipes and the Column Pipes for Submersible Pumps, both made of polyethylene and designed to be used in agriculture or industrie.

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The products and systems manufactured by Saleplas® are internationally recognized for their quality and technology.