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Automatic Cleaning

Filtrado automático
Filtrado automatico
Filtrado automático
  • Filtering element: grooved discs made of polypropylene with an enhanced uniformity.
  • Bigger filtration surface, which helps delay the saturation.
  • Easy to clean: the discs are separated during the cleaning phase and cleaned with pressurized water jets thanks to the helical effect.
  • Low frequency of cleaning: the cyclone effect keeps the particles away from the discs.
  • Modularity and reduced space: We can manufacture any kind of equipment according to the customer's requirements.
  • Very simple automatisms for a user-friendly handling.
  • High resistance: use of long lasting technical plastics.
  • Models of automatic filters: 2", 3" and 4" double filters.
  • Compact units that can be also equipped with particle separators in order to improve the performance of the filters.

*Please, contact us or consult our pdf catalogue in order to see the filtration degrees and other product ranges available.

Now all of our automatic filtration equipments are assembled with the new DEP low pressure filters, achieving a maximum water and energy saving thanks to the reduction of backflushing pressure to 1.5 Bar.

Ideal for any installation where it is not possible to get high pressures or with high energetic costs.

Nowadays, the reuse of wate water for agricultural or industrial applications requires the choice of filtration equipments with better characteristics and performance. This has resulted in an increased use of discs filters and automatic equipments due to the advantages and versatility they offer.

New filtration systems made with high density polyethylene PE-100 manifolds and discs filters.

The main aim of the SF System is to use the greatest possible quantity of parts made of technical pastics.

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