Manifolds PE-100



According to the tests carried out by the Department of Engineering, Energy and Fluids Engineering of the Polytechnical Univesity of Madrid, the SF manifolds have withstood an internal pressure of 42 bars.

Given the wide variety of manufacturing solutions, we can state that the Saleplas' PE-100 Manifolds have multiple applications. They are suitable for:

  • Filtration equipments
  • Hydrants
  • Pump heads
  • Fertigation and greenhouses
  • Waste and drinking water treatment plants
  • Pre-treatment and water supply in desalination plants
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Cooling towers
  • Communal water meters
  • Sterilization equipments by UV radiation
  • Any application requiring fluid handlind

The Saleplas' manifolds are the ultimate solution thanks to the excellent properties offered by the polyethylene:

  • Resistance to chemical agents.
  • Resistance to microbial action.
  • Resistance to abrasion.
  • Flexibility.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Low specific weight.
  • Absence of incrustations.
  • Low coefficient of friction.
  • Weatherability.

In response to the increasing use of aggressive water in indus­trial and agricultural activities, Saleplas has developed a solution for handling this kind of fluids: Manifolds made of High Density Polyethylene PE-100.

These manifolds can be manufactured in diameters ranging from Ø50 up to Ø1000 mm. They have great versatility of design, allowing any type of configuration (swan necks, elbows, multi­ple outlets, etc..) and meeting the specific needs of each installa­tion. On request, we can manufacture any design.

The quality and watertightness are secured by thermowel­dings, and they are supplied fully equipped for an easy installa­tion. The PE-100 Manifolds are an essential element for the industrial sectors that work with aggressive fluids.

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Types of 90º outlets

Types of 90º outlets

Connections Diameters (MM) Diameters (") Materials
GROOVED 32-315 1"-12" PE-100
FLANGE 32-500 1"-20" Aluminium - Inox Steel - Zinc plated steel - PVC - PP - PA, etc.
THREAD 40-110 1/2"-4" Aluminium -Inox Steel - Galvanized Steel - Brass - PVC
LOOSE NUT 20-110 1"- 4" RH-RM PVC - PP - Brass - Galvanized Steel
GIBAULT 100-550 - PE-100 - Gibault
SPIGOT 20-500 - PE-100


Temperature Coefficient Max. Pressure
20 1,00 16 ATM
30 0,87 14 ATM
40 0,74 12 ATM
  • The working pressure at 20ºC is 16 bar.
  • When the manifold works at a temperature above 20ºC, a pressure reduction coefficient must be applied.
  • Manifolds with 20 and 25 bar working pressure rates can be manufactured on request.

The products and systems manufactured by Saleplas® are internationally recognized for their quality and technology.