Geothermal energy

Geothermal Probes


Easy to install at little cost. It is necessary to have a surface area equivalent to 1.5 - 2 times the total surface of the building to be heated. It is not necessary to lower the level of the entire plot of land. It can be used a 100% of the surface area.


It is highly suitable when there is a large area of land available, as well as highly productive. It combines the advantages of the vertical system in terms of production with the low installation cost of the horizontal system. Independent temperature control for each space and use of the building's traditional heating system with excellent price/performance relation. Optional cooling for summer.


It enables the production of heat and cold. The system does not require maintenance and can be operated in any area of land or home, because once installed, it does not take space. It is the ideal system, combining economy, good use of the space and zero maintenance. It is the ideal geothermal system.


It allows the installation of geothermal piles in the supporting structures of the building for the production of heat and cold. Since it is a closed system and it is installed during the course of the construction process, it is economical and does not require maintenance. It provides cold, heat and domestic hot water, taking advantage of the existing cavities. The entire system is incorporated into the building.

Ø (mm) PRESSURE (atm) LENGTH (m)
32 16 80 - 100 - 125 - 150
40 16 80 - 100 - 125 - 150

Probes for the collection of geothermal energy made of high density polyethylene PE-100. Moreover, these probes are HTC (High Thermal Conductivity), which means that they are more efficient than normal PE-100 polyethylene for the use in geothermal systems.

The geothermal probes manufactured by Saleplas are in accordance with all the tests referred to in DIN 8075/199 Norm (equivalent to UNE-EN 12201) and also in the VDI 4640 Norm, as proved by the tests made by the College of Industrial Engineering (Polytechnic University of Madrid).

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