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Coverline offers you high density polyethylene pipe with diameters 50, 63 y 75 mm, available with hook, half turn and lever couplings.

Coverline allows you, in a quick and reliable way, to make all the connections in the sprinkling and drip irrigation systems.

All of ir is complemented by a big range of accessories in order to give answer to any design of irrigation system.

* Please, consult us for price and availability of pipes in 90 and 110 mm.

Coverline is a sum of advantages:

  • Reliability with total watertightness at low pressures.
  • High resistance.
  • Quick installation, both in sprinkling or micro-irrigation systems.
  • Modularity.
  • Mobility in case of rotation of crops.

The couplings are adaptable to other systems, in order to extend aluminium coverings already installed.

The pipes have the precise stiffness to use them in bars of 6 and 9 metres.

Easy to handle, due to the quick couplings and lightness (2'560 Kg).

The Coverline system is suitable for the installation of drip irrigation systems. It is the right answer to the handling, coiling and storage of large tubing sizes used in this kind of irrigation system.


  • Long-life.
  • Adaptable to all kinds of polyethylene fittings.
  • Resistant to agricultural chemical products used in drip irrigation.

Coverline is a modular system that combines the aluminium couplings with the high density polyethylene pipes, offering you the best of each product.

The Coverline modular system made by Saleplas has successfully passed the following tests:

  • ISO 3503 Test of the watertightness to the inside pressure as being subjected to bending.
  • ISO 3459 Test of the watertightness to outside pressure.
  • ISO 3458 Test of the watertightness to inside pressure.
  • ISO 3501 Test of the resistance to the pulling out.

Test made by the Fluids Mechanic Laboratory of the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering, Polytechnical University of Madrid.

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The products and systems manufactured by Saleplas® are internationally recognized for their quality and technology.