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Manual Cleaning

Filtrado manual
Filtrado manual
Filtrado manual
  • Filtering elements: Grooved polypropylene discs or stainless steel double screen.
  • The manual equipments can be manufactured also with cyclone effect filters, particle separators and automatic discharge kit.
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance thanks to the design.
  • No metallic parts are in contact with the water.
  • Models of manual filters: 2", 2" long, 3" and 4" double.
  • Models of filters with cyclone effect: 2", 2" long, 3" and 4" double.

*Contact us or consult our pdf catalogue in order to see the filtration degrees and product ranges available.

The manual cleaning filtration units manufactured by Saleplas can be adapted to any kind of installation, type of connection, diameter and special needs of the customer.

They are assembled with high density polyethylene PE-100 manifolds resistant to rust, chemical products, solar radiation, etc.

The SF System is a sum of advantages:

  • Security and effectiveness in the retention of particles.
  • Bigger filtration surface.
  • Modularity and reduced space.
  • Resistance to rust and chemical products.
  • Low coefficient of friction.
  • Low weight and easy handling.

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Download file pdf


The products and systems manufactured by Saleplas® are internationally recognized for their quality and technology.