Drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation

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Dripline with Integral Drippers (Turbulent and Pressure Compensating)

  • Drippers integrated during the manufacturing process.
  • High resistance to obstruction, long life and high uniformity.
  • Recommended filtration degree: ≤130 micron.
  • Maximum pressure: 4 bar.

On-line Drippers

  • Drippers to be installed after the manufacture of the pipe.
  • High resistance to obstruction, ideal for use with poor quality water.
  • Wide range of models and nominal water flows to suit all requirements.

On-line Pressure Compensating Drippers CYSNE

  • On-line Pressure-compensating (PC) and Non-drain (PCND) drippers.
  • High uniformity in order to get longer driplines.
  • High resistance to obstruction.




We have a wide variety of accessories to give solution to any need in your irrigation design.

* Please, contact us or consult our pdf catalogue in order to see the whole range.

Advantages of the Subsurface Drip Irrigation

  • Reduction of the water losses by evaporation
  • Better distribution of the water and fertilizers.
  • Substantial savings of manpower and maintenance costs.
  • Longer life of the system.
  • Less problems with weeds.
  • Possibility of carrying out agricultural works without damaging the system and its components.

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Applications in all types of crops.

  • Vineyard
  • Olive tree
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit trees
  • Landscaping
  • Gardening

We can design and manufacture a system for each type of crop.

Pdf Catalog

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Download file pdf


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