DEP Filters: Low Pressure Operation

The automatic DEP filters for low pressure is able to work at pressures lower than 2 bar.

As a novelty at the latest Filtration Systems price list (v. 2015-01), a new automatic discs filter was included, which can be found in all the current filtration equipments.

This new filter has been developped from an improvement plan in our filtration systems, mainly for the localised irrigation systems or installations where there is no pressurized air. The characteristic feature and main advantage of this filter is the capability of doing the backwashing with pressures lower than 2 bar.

We start from the premise that the conventional automatic filter needs a minimum of 3 bar and 3 l/s to backwash. However, most of the localised irrigation installations work at pressures lower than 2 bar. For that reason, sometimes it's necessary the use of a sustaining valve in order to get the minimum pressured required by the outlet manifold of the filtration equipment.

The development of new inner components for the filtering element (springs, piston, water distributors, etc) has allowed us to considerably reduce the backflushing pressure and flow wate to 1.5 bar and 2.5 l/s respectively. This way we maintain the backflushing efficiency, but also avoid the installation of a sustaining valve or other elements that restrict or regulate the pressure. The equipments are cheaper and installation is more simple, saving water and energy.

Saleplas recommends the installation of the DEP filter for pressure lower than 6 bar. For presures from 6 to 10 bar, the water consumption is higher, so we recommend the conventional automatic filter to reduce the water consumption during the backwash.

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