About us

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision". Peter F. Drucker

25th Anniversary of Saleplas

This 2015 Saleplas is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

The greatest asset of a company is the quantity of people who rely on it.

For that reason, from the Management and all the Working Team of Saleplas, we would like to thank you and show our most sincere appreciation to all the people that have trusted us. Read the complete message HERE.


Saleplas is a manufacturing company established in Madridejos (Toledo), which operates 2 production plants of around 20.000 m2. Nowadays we commercialize 4 product ranges for agriculture and industry:

  • Drip and sprinkling irrigation systems
  • SF Filtration Systems
  • High density PE100 polyethylene manifolds
  • Geothermal energy collecting systems

Our career began in 1984, but it was later in 1990 when we started to manufacture our first irrigation systems, prioritizing the quality and the development of innovative products. Our first innovation was the COVERLINE® System for sprinkling irrigation, created in 1995 and consisting on polyethylene pipes with aluminium couplings. We obtained 4 patents and utility models that are still in use today, as the product has been improved thanks to all the experience gained.

Other products, such as filtration systems and manifolds for agricultural or industrial applications have been subsequently added to our range. In that sense, Saleplas is a pioneer company in the adaptation of the polyethylene manifolds to filtration and pumping units, industrial installations, hydrants, etc. We have even developed our own manufacturing technology.

Our R+D department, created in 1995, is a key part of the company’s organization, as it is in charge of developing new products and look for appropriate solutions according to the needs of the modern industry and agriculture.

Saleplas could be summarized in 3 core values: Research, Quality and Service, but we could not forget the most important of all of them: Business Reliability.