Use and Maintenance Recommendations for Filtration Systems

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The filtration equipment is one of the basic elements that must be present in any irrigation system. Now that the irrigation season has started, Saleplas makes some basic recommendations to be considered when setting up our filtration equipments.

The new irrigation season has just started and SALEPLAS, S.L., reinforcing its strong commitment to achieve the highest customer satisfaction, would like to make some basic recommendations to be considered when setting up again the Discs Filtration Systems or doing maintenance works.


  • Do not use the equipments with water whose pH level is below 4.
  • Do no apply acids directly.
  • The maximum allowed temperature is 60 ºC.
  • You must make sure that the equipment is not placed on a sloping surface.
  • The equipments must be installed in such a way that the user can remove the filter caps and extract the cartridges.
  • Before stopping the irrigation system, the backflushing must be activated manually in order to prevent the dirt and particles from getting stuck on the discs and filter components.
  • In areas where there is a risk of freezing, the installation must always be emptied, since the ice may damage the components.
  • Our new low pressure automatic filtration systems need a minimum backflushing pressure of 1,5 kg/cm2. in the outlet manifold. The user must check the pressure value on the gauges when the filters are backflushing.
  • The filtration equipment should backflush when the pressure loss is higher than 0,2-0,3 bar compared to the pressure of the equipment when it is clean.
  • When working with automatic equipments, we recommend to do the backflushing not only when the pressure loss increases up to the above mentioned values, but also to activate the cleaning process every certain period of time, which will be determined according to the quality of the water.


 The time between each inspection will depend on the working conditions of the equipment, quality of the water and operation time. SALEPLAS, S.L. recommends a period no longer than three months between the different inspections of the components that need to be dismantled. The actual period of time between the inspections of the components must be determined by the final user according to the specific characteristics of the installation:

  • The cartridges must be checked up regularly. It is very important to clean manually the discs from time to time, taking care not to mix discs from different filters. Pressurized water can be used on the discs, and when necessary the user can apply an acid solution, whose pH must be lower than 4.
  • The moving parts must be checked up also (piston, check valve, springs, etc.).
  • The user must verify the condition of the rapid wearing elements, such as joints.
  • The auxiliary filter for the pressure intake of the control unit must be cleaned periodically.
  • The in-line filters for the microtube connections (inlet and outlet manifolds) must be cleaned periodically.
  • The user must apply industrial vaseline to the joints of the grooved couplings in cases where the equipment is going to work for a long period of time.
  • The condition of the flat gaskets between flanges as well as the screws must be checked periodically.
  • The user must observe the performance of the solenoids and backflushing valves, making sure that the backflushing cycles and established times are correct.
  • If the equipment is working with a 220 V control unit, we recommend verifying the voltage, the correct connection of the voltage taps and also the ground connections.
  • After having made all this verifications, you must make sure that the filtration equipment has been assembled and programmed correctly.
  • All the automatic equipments are supplied with a user manual.
  • Siguiendo estas recomendaciones conseguiremos una mayor exactitud y seguridad en el filtrado. Los emisores tendrán una menor tasa de obturación. Con el adecuado mantenimiento se posibilita además la detección de anomalías o averías, garantizando un control total de las limpiezas de los filtros. No olvidar que la manipulación de los equipos de filtrado solo puede realizarse por personal cualificado.

Following these recommendations we will achieve the maximum filtration accuracy and security. Moreover, the drippers will have a lower obstruction rate. An adequate maintenance will help also to detect operating faults or breakdowns, resulting in a total control of the filter cleaning process. We should not forget that these operations must be carried out by qualified personnel.


The HDPE particle separators made by SALEPLAS, S.L. are used to remove solid particles with a bigger density than water. They must be installed basically when we are working with water from wells, which usually has sand and slimes. They are located before the discs filters o assembled in filtration systems that incorporate both separators and discs filters. The particle separators do not require any maintenance operation, but we strongly recommend an automatic drainage of the particles accumulated.

When we are dealing with water containing great quantity of organic material (dams, reservoirs, etc), the discs filters would be a secondary filtration system assembled after a sand filters equipment, which would be the first stage and a more effective system to remove the organic material, such as algae. 

It is not very common to install other filters in a typical irrigation system, but we would recommend to install some extra small filters in the outlets of the fertiliser tanks (if required) in order to remove the solid particles and impurities that are normally present in the fertiliser solution.

As a security element, the user can also install manual cleaning filters in the head of each irrigation sector in order to retain the particles generated during breakdowns or repair operations, as well as other precipitates that could reach the drippers.

If you wish to consult our range of manual filters, particle separators and automatic filtration equipments, you con contact our Sales Department by the usual means, o click HERE.

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