Localised Drip Irrigation for Woody Crops: Olive trees
Wednesday, 11 / July / 2018

Localised Drip Irrigation for Woody Crops

Water is an increasingly scarce resource globally and this situation is likely to get even worse in the future. Given these prospects, the use of the water resources in agriculture must become more efficient. Irrigation is a key element to increase the productivity of woody crops, such as olive, vine, almond and pistachio.

Monday, 11 / June / 2018


CEBAS-CSIC and IWA organise in Murcia the Regional Conference on Water Reuse and Salinity Management, from June 11th-15th.

[Traducir este texto a "English"] Día Mundial del Agua 2018
Wednesday, 21 / March / 2018

March 22nd: World Water Day

On March 22nd we celebrate the World Water Day. On this occasion Saleplas would like to join this event with a report that explores the progress made in the agricultural and industrial sectors in order to preserve this scarce resource.

Saleplas in SIAM 2017
Friday, 07 / April / 2017

SIAM 2017

Saleplas will participate in the 12th edition of SIAM 2017 (International Agricultural Show in Morocco) from April 18th to 23rd.

Trade Fair for Innovative Water Management Solutions
Monday, 20 / February / 2017

SIGA Exhibition 2017 (Madrid - Spain)

Saleplas will exhibit in SIGA 2017 (Trade Fair for Innovative Water Management Solutions), which will take place in Madrid (Spain) from February 28th to March 3rd.

Wednesday, 29 / July / 2015


The Spanish company Geothermal Solutions inaugurated last 9th July a geothermal installation to provide the appropriate cool temperature to the 2 barrel and bottling rooms of 'El Vínculo' Winery in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real - Spain).

Monday, 04 / May / 2015

SIAM 2015

Saleplas participated in the 10th edition of SIAM 2015 (International Agricultural Show in Morocco), from the 28th April to the 3rd May.